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 Sunday 10.30am 

If you unable to get to church, or have never been to church, or for any reason in between, then possibly Zoom Church is the place for you.  Whether missing fellowship or worship or just plain curious or interested then come and join us on Sunday morning or catch up on-line.


Everyone is welcome at the live Zoom Church, which started during lockdown and still continues to meet the needs of those who attend - short or long term.


The Zoom Church also operates a buddy group system to ensure that the pastoral care of all those who attend are met.  From September to March there are mid-week social get togethers - quizzes etc.

The service is recorded then edited and copied to discs for distribution to those people unable to attend church and without access to on-line communication.  The service is then uploaded to both Facebook and YouTube.


Everyone is welcome to join the live Zoom Church services.

For the log-in or more information please email us at:


Links to the on-line recorded services

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