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Sunday -  3.00pm 


Dunstone chapel was built in 1833 by the Weslyan Methodists and stands on a slope above the Widecombe to Ponsworthy road, about three quarters of a mile from Widecombe looking out across the valley to the high moors beyond.

We are a small congregation of Bible believing Christians open to anyone who would like to join us.

We hold an informal service every Sunday at 3pm with worship led by a guitar and in depth Bible Study.

There is usually tea and cake available before the service.


We have a large Christian lending library in the chapel

which anyone may use. 

Lady Meadow Terrace, Dunstone, Widecombe in the Moor TQ13 7TJ

Minister:  Rev Kevin Hooke - 07772571647;

Pastoral Worker: Mrs Sharon Canning - 01626 866199

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