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Welcome to Teignbridge Methodist Circuit

We are located in the area which stretches from the South-Western side of Dartmoor through to the coastal area from Dawlish to Shaldon, with 14 centres of worship and an on-line zoom church. Further details of our worship centres may be found in the ‘Churches’ section and details of services may be found on our Services page.

As with Methodist Circuits everywhere, we face many challenges, but do so with confidence in the grace and love of God, which is at our heart and is our motivation, and with resources of faith and hope, enthusiasm and commitment, people and money. Although the majority of our members are retired and much of what we do is traditional, there is also an openness to change, churches trying new ventures and taking risks, and a real engagement with people within our communities. 


This is an exciting time to be a part of the Church, attempting to live out and be a part of God’s mission in the rapidly changing world, as He continually incarnates the love we see in Jesus in the lives of those who believe. We are never left to fend for ourselves, for the Holy Spirit is God’s empowering presence available to the church in every age.

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